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Take a look at how Florence became an unforgettable game

Go inside the making of this gorgeous game

florence and krish puzzle game Mountains/Annapurna Interactive

We’re in love with Florence, an absolute gem of a mobile game about the bumpy road of relationships. Our appreciation is only furthered by this look behind the scenes at developer Mountains, the new studio from ex-Monument Valley designer Ken Wong.

Mountains produced a four-part making-of series that gives us more insight into the thinking behind Florence. It’s interesting to see the process from concept art to playtesting, especially considering just how unique of a project Florence is.

Over the course of 25-year-old Florence Yeoh’s story — which tracks her romance with a man she meets by chance — we experience the emotional ups and downs that come with inviting someone into your life. The game is very much about unraveling that story, but the behind-the-scenes footage makes it clear to anyone who has yet to play that there’s much more to Florence than its emotional storytelling. There’s an abundance of creative gameplay design to be found, too.

All of these pieces come together to make Florence one of the most meaningful and memorable games we’ve ever experienced. Watch the four videos below to get a sense of why and how that came to be.

Here’s part one:

Part two:

Part three:

And last, part four:

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