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The surreal dystopian thriller that inspired We Happy Few

The Prisoner is never out of style

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Prepare yourself for We Happy Few’s release by learning about The Prisoner, a colorful and bizarre spy show that serves as one of the game’s inspirations.

The Prisoner originally aired in 1967, and deals with the struggle to maintain personal privacy and autonomy in a society of absolute government control. The eponymous prisoner attempts to out-wit his keepers and escape captivity, but when anyone could be a traitor, who can you trust? It’s brilliant and delirious in a way lots of media wants to be, but never quite manages: traps within traps, double-blind spies, dream infiltration, hallucinogens in the tea — and that’s just the first three episodes.

If you’re not convinced, watch the video above and surrender to the experience of The Prisoner, available on DVD, Blu-ray and to stream on Amazon. Then check out We Happy Few, available now in early access and set for official release for Xbox One, Windows, Mac and Linux in summer 2018.

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