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Come study with your friend, Waluigi

He’s got a big test coming up.

Do you need some chill beats to get you through that study session? How about some “lofi” hip hop tunes to play while you game? Do you need to hear Waluigi’s reassuring voice?

Good thing we’ve got all of that here for you:

Here’s a track list:

  • Innovation — Jason Donnelly (DJ Puzzle)
  • Back in the Days — Oogo, Daryl Parks
  • The Hokey Pokey — Oogo, Daryl Parks
  • Surveillance (a) — Mercuryhead
  • Block Shaker (a) — Andrew Lee, Mercuryhead
  • Barbed Wire Umbrellas — Jason Donnelly (DJ Puzzle)
  • 10 Seconds — Chomsk, Daryl Parks
  • Light — Astrid Engberg, Oogo, Daryl Parks
  • Lo-Fi JX — Robert Ellison, Mercuryhead
  • EVOL - Underscore — Brian Ricks, Nicholas Ulleseit
  • Think 4 Yourself — Chomsk, Astrid Engberg, Daryl Parks
  • Surface Friction (a) — Andrew Lee, Mercuryhead
  • Transient Definer (a) — Simon Gordon, Mercuryhead
  • Check 1-2 — Mathieu Gabriel Gilbert, Daryl Parks
  • My Love - Underscore — Brian Ricks, Nicholas Ulleseit
  • Karmic Flow (a) — Robert Ellison, Mercuryhead
  • Funk Juice (a) — Andrew Lee, Mercuryhead
  • Drip Drop — Jason Donnelly (DJ Puzzle)
  • Skanknotic (a) — Robert Ellison, Mercuryhead
  • Bling Zonez (a) — Andrew Lee, Mercuryhead
  • Everybody Wants — Oogo, Daryl Parks
  • Moody Tuesday (a) — Andrew Lee, Mercuryhead
  • Vinyl Blunt (a) — Robert Ellison, Mercuryhead
  • Later that Day — Jason Donnelly (DJ Puzzle)
  • False Kats — Pascal Michel Luvisi, Daryl Parks
  • How That Sound — Chomsk, Daryl Parks
  • At The Wine Shop — Pascal Michel Luvisi, Daryl Parks
  • Relax — Benjamin Leonidas Bambach, Pascal Michel Luvisi, Daryl Parks, Maik Schindler
  • It’s Fantastic — Benjamin Leonidas Bambach, Chomsk, Daryl Parks, Maik Schindler
  • Last Days — Chomsk, Daryl Parks
  • Urban Journey (Underscore) — Bamboo Jeans
  • Smoky Vibes — Nathan Rightnour, Justin Thompson
  • Butterfly — Julien Diesnis, Jean-Christophe Le Saout
  • Soft Glide (a) — Robert Harris, Matthew Johnson, Emre Ramazanoglu
  • Lychee — Luke Filsell, Barry Gilbey, Jamie Shield

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