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Awful Squad turned PUBG into D&D, and it sort of worked

Lightning bolt! Lightning bolt! Magic Missile!

This week on Awful Squad, the gang tackled PUBG’s zombie mode with a fantastical rule set. Each player was assigned a character class:

  • Griffin McElroy — Wizard: Can use pistols, sniper rifles and throwables. Cannot equip armor. Must pick up and distribute any healing or support items to the rest of the team. Will not share a vehicle with a Barbarian.
  • Simone de Rochefort — Barbarian: Can use shotguns, pistols and melee weapons. Can equip armor. Will not share a vehicle with a Wizard.
  • Ross Miller — Rogue: Can use crossbows, pistols and melee weapons. Cannot go into churches or other sacred places. Cannot share items.
  • Travis McElroy — Paladin: Can use rifles, pistols and melee weapons. Can equip armor. Can freely use healing items, and must immediately heal downed teammates. Will not share a vehicle with the Rogue.
  • Brian Gilbert — Time Bard: Can use literally anything, but must communicate in rhyme. If they fail to do so, they must drop a weapon.

This episode also features:

  • Russ Frushtick
  • Jeff Ramos

Can our scrappy crew of adventurers overcome their differences and survive this life-or-death LARP? Tune in to find out!

No idea what Awful Squad is? Play catch-up with the series, in which a bunch of Polygon staffers and friends team up for some truly terrible matches of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

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