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An ogre tries to play Super Mario World

Two brains are not enough

Super Mario World is a game that is very hard to play when you’re actually two people who can’t communicate very well.

Game Ogre is our bi-weekly video game challenge show. After being cursed by a powerful game wizard, Pat and I must share a body and achieve goals as laid out to us by the wizard, who hates our guts.

On this episode, Pat and I foolishly invoke the concept of wizards and are cursed to play Super Mario World until we die, probably. Pat controls the face buttons with his right hand, and I take the joystick with my left.

I won’t tell you how far we manage to get. It’s all in the above video, which contains references to extremely old memes and ’90s toys, as well as lots of yelling.

You can watch previous episodes on our YouTube channel.

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