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Sea of Thieves is here and we are pirates now

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Sloopin’ it

Sea of Thieves was released today for Xbox One and Windows PC. We’ll be slapping on our Day One Patches and streaming the game at Polygon’s YouTube channel, where Patrick Gill and myself will take the helm of our trusty ship and steer it all the way to glory.

Sea of Thieves is a multiplayer open-world game set in the golden age of rather cartoony piracy. Players must work together to keep their ship sailing smoothly. The game is also the first Xbox One exclusive to be available at-launch in the Xbox Game Pass subscription service.

Previously, we played Sea of Thieves the day before it launched and experienced glorious, relentless griefing at the hands of better pirates than we. Today we’ll be focusing on swashbuckling, not getting drunk, and sailing with the wind. Modest pirate goals for our two-man crew.

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