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11 tips for playing Overwatch Retribution

Get in the dang ship, we’re going to Wendy’s

Overwatch’s newest Archives event, Retribution, is now live on PC and consoles. Similar to last year’s Uprising, a team of four players enter a horde-style PvE mode. This time, we get a first look at Blackwatch — Overwatch’s covert ops team — in action.

Genji, Moira, Reaper and McCree are fighting their way out of Venice after a botched mission. Talon forces are descending on your team as you look for a way out. You’ll need to move through the city, defeat waves of enemies and survive until extraction.

An important thing to remember: The mission won’t successfully end until all four members are aboard the ship. If there’s even one teammate who decides to keep fighting and die outside the ship, you’ll all fail.

Retribution also introduces three mini bosses: sniper, assassin and heavy assault. Check out our quick debrief on the types of enemies you’ll encounter and the strategies to deal with them.

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