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House of the Dead 2’s finale is still poignant, 20 years later

Video Game Theatre introduces you to The Emperor

Hey folks! Pat here, taking you behind the scenes of this week’s Video Game Theatre. Our latest act is inspired by the final moments of 1998’s House of the Dead 2. Eagle-eyed viewers may notice House of the Dead 2’s climactic scene contains neither houses nor the dead — but it does contain a sobering message about mortality, science and acceptance.

That message, from what I can tell, is that if you find yourself in a zombie-type situation, the appropriate response is to use science and dark magic to create an all powerful god-emperor to enforce the laws of nature and eradicate humanity. I play Goldman, the powerful industrialist who has taken up this noble quest.

Playing Goldman was an absolute delight. He’s got clear convictions, wonderful depth and, most importantly, he spends most of his time sitting down. That’s what I look for in a role. Whenever I agree to a project, I like to have a dialogue with the director.

“What is my character’s motivation?” I ask. “How did they become the person they are in this moment? Is it okay if I do this take sitting down? Are you sure? I think they’d say that while sitting down.”

Anyways, I hope you enjoy this scene. If you do, check out our deep backlog of other classic video game moments below.

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