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Super Mario World: Two heads are still worse than one

Game Ogre’s quest continues

This week on Game Ogre we dive back into the cruel, beautiful Super Mario World, a game which introduces verticality to the Mario franchise and is very difficult to play with only one hand.

Technically, we play with two hands, but because we’re sharing one controller, one body, and two brains, things get rough. Fortunately we’ve improved immeasurably since the last time we played this game.

Tune in to see the closest thing to two people not quite speed-running Super Mario World, and of course, to hear Pat commit an ear crime with the most horrendous burp I’ve ever heard in my dang life.

Game Ogre is a recurring series on Polygon’s YouTube channel. Pat and I share a big ol’ sweater and a body, and try to complete video game challenges. We’ll be stuck like this for the rest of our lives.

You can tune in to previous episodes on the Game Ogre playlist, and catch the show every other Monday on YouTube!

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