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Deadly Premonition: Revisiting that famous coffee scene

Video Game Theatre does it again

Deadly Premonition returns to the stage with a deeper theatrical examination of one man’s relationship to particular foods and beverages.

The last time we saw the Video Game Theatre Players perform a scene from Deadly Premonition, it left us shaking and boneless, unable to stand in the face of such raw storytelling.

Now Brian David Gilbert assumes the role of Francis York Morgan, previously occupied by Abby Russell. I will decline to compare the two, but will say that fans of Ms. Russell’s excellent work will find nothing to complain about in Mr. Gilbert’s interpretation. His facial expressions are stiff and confusing, as they should be.

Simone de Rochefort takes on an older role, that of the kindly innkeeper. In preparation for this one-night performance, she opened a small hotel herself in rural Washington, and lived for a time as an elderly woman. Ms. de Rochefort sojourn among the trees was cut short when she herself began to be haunted by the ghost of a small dog, which yapped incessantly in the night time. When she returned to New York City, she had indeed aged 40 years.

Enjoy this performance, and the entire Video Game Theatre backlog on our YouTube channel.

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