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Idle Champions is a free game worth playing

Brian finds the good cheap games so you don’t have to

I love free games.

Not just because they’re free (though that’s certainly a bonus). Free games give you a chance to play around in a genre you might not seek out otherwise, and since you didn’t spend money on it, you don’t feel obligated to trudge through the whole game if you don’t enjoy it.

I also realize that there are A LOT of free games out there.

The Steam “Free to Play” tag from the past week.

It can be a bit overwhelming. And as great as free games can be, they can also be unpolished, or copycats, or demos of larger games that require tons of microtransactions.

Fear not. I’m here to help you.

Good Cheap Games is a new series where I comb through the dozens of free and cheap games coming out every single week on every platform imaginable and tell you which ones are worth your time to play.

This week, it’s Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms.

Every few months, I find myself diving into a new idle game regardless of how much I try to hold myself accountable for my actions. Idle games are among my vices, as the incremental growth of DPS appeals to the deepest recesses of my lizard brain. I got really into Cookie Clicker, and now I am really into Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms. But for the first time, what I thought to be a mindless clicker has turned out to be a bit more mindful.

You need to think about your formation and the type of champions you use in each battle. And with each adventure starting you from scratch, it gives the game a replay value you wouldn’t expect from an idle game.

I’ll let the video explain why I was so entranced by this clicker, but suffice to say, I’m still playing it, and I filmed this video a few weeks ago. You can grab the game on Steam right here.

Do you have any free-to-play games that you love? Please, let me know. Please. As much as I love playtesting every new game on Steam, I’d love to play a game that comes with a referral!

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