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You can still be an asshole in Hitman 2

Thank goodness

In the Hitman series, you get to embody the world’s most intimidating assassin. Agent 47 is cold, ruthless, and efficient. He can kill anyone, anywhere.

He is also really good at killing the vibe.

My favorite part of Hitman is how ridiculous you can make this terrifying murder machine. When I got the chance to play a sniper mission from Hitman 2 (which you can watch in the above video), it was way more fun for me to shoot wine glasses out of the hands of wedding guests, destroy a beautiful cake, and absolutely ruin the night of a classical pianist.

The mission itself is fun, with a variety of different outcomes and ways to get your targets where you want them. I was honestly surprised to see that, for some reason, shooting the priest’s glass of wine might have led to a new direction for murder. But I didn’t do any murder this night (except for one unfortunate bystander). Instead, I just had fun destroying a fancy wedding for rich people. Agent 47 was born to wedding crash.

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