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We investigated the physical loot boxes at E3

Overwatch loot boxes take a toll in real life, too

If there is one thing the Polygon video team is known for, it’s hard-hitting investigations into the seedy underbelly of video games. Or that’s what we’ll be known for after this important video.

This past week, Patrick Gill and I purchased an Overwatch mystery box at E3 with the intention of uncovering the shady dealings of IRL (in real life) loot boxes. The advertisement stated that the box contained $100 worth of merchandise for only $40 ($43.70 in total with tax). We thought that sounded preposterous.

After taking every precaution to not be discovered, we went in for the transaction. We wore our wires discretely and even swapped the box at a secret location: the place where they sold gamer chairs.

Footage of me coming dangerously close to purchasing a gamer chair.

What did we find in the box when we returned to our headquarters? Well, it was unsurprisingly filled with Overwatch figures, art, and even an adult coloring book. We were pleased... until we checked with our very real and very legitimate appraiser, Jerryme.

Patrick and I are still working through this difficult time in our professional relationship, but we are happy that we could uncover this scoop firsthand. Make sure to stay tuned into Polygon’s YouTube channel for more investigative reporting.

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