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The Jackbox Party Pack 5’s Mad Verse City is about robot rap battles

Watch us roast each other with vicious amateur rap verses

Welcome to Mad Verse City, a brand new party game in The Jackbox Party Pack 5.

In Mad Verse City, players craft rhymes for a robot rap battle. First, players receive a prompt asking for single word, like a positive adjective or an occupation. The game then writes the player the first line of their rap, with their chosen word at the end.

Next, the player writes the entire second line of their rap. While the game pushes the player to rhyme the end of this line with the end of the first, the only real rule is to write the funniest thing you can think of. And the game makes it pretty easy to be funny, since the fill-in-the-blank nature of the first line ends up creating self-owns just about as often as it crafts sick burns.

Jackbox Party Pack 5 - Mad Verse City - DJ Clayclay Jackbox Games via Polygon

Mad Verse City also lets players know who they’re battling with each round, in case they want to get personal with their insults. Once everyone’s got their raps written, it’s time to watch the battles.

Using a variety of text-to-speech voices, each player’s rap is performed by a robot.

No, they don’t always pronounce things right. Yes, it’s just as funny as you imagine. Players can weigh in on how “fire” the raps are, or “boo” if they’re feeling rude. After the duel is done, the rest of the players vote on the funniest rap. Ties are broken by audience participation.

Mad Verse City - JackBox Party Pack 5 - Pat Jackbox Games via Polygon

Mad Verse City isn’t even done yet and it feels like a perfect Jackbox game. A skilled freestyler could easily excel at this game, but more importantly it makes it easy to be funny. Despite having, well, let’s say zero freestyling experience, we had a riot. You can watch our vicious rap battles in the video above.

Mad Verse City, You Don’t Know Jack and three other completely new games are coming to all consoles in The Jackbox Party Pack 5 this fall.

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