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Join Polygon for a live Mario Tennis Aces tournament

Wa-mbledon kicks off at 4 p.m. ET this Friday

On Friday, July 6, at 4 p.m. ET, Polygon will host the first annual Polygon Mario Tennis Aces Open Invitational Grand Prix Tournament— a single-elimination tournament featuring 16 competitors from Polygon, Eater, SB Nation and other luminaries of the World Wide Web.

The event will be streamed live on Twitch, with insightful commentary by esports experts Patrick Gill and Jeff Ramos. Tune in for an unforgettable showcase of athleticism, skill, strategy and probably a whole lot of cussing, as our competitors prove their worth in a game Polygon’s own Chris Plante called “a fantastic arcade tennis game, debatably the best of its kind since the glory days of Sega’s Virtua Tennis franchise.”

Your potential champions:

  • Adam Moussa (Eater)
  • Allegra Frank
  • Ashley Oh
  • Clayton Ashley
  • Emily Heller
  • Jenna Stoeber
  • Matt Patches
  • Petrana Radulovic
  • Ross Miller
  • Ryan Simmons (SB Nation)
  • Samit Sarkar
  • Simone de Rochefort
  • Susana Polo
  • Julia Lepetit (Drawfee)
  • Russ Frushtick
  • Ryan Nanni (SB Nation)

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