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Spider-Man definitely isn’t murdering anyone

We justify his more... murder-y fighting techniques

Spider-Man doesn’t murder. No way. Not possible. Spider-Man murdering would be like Bob Ross yelling: terrible and frightening.

To keep Marvel’s Spider-Man on the straight and narrow, Insomniac put in plenty of safety measures. If he kicks an enemy off of a building, they are automatically webbed to a nearby wall. When you go check on an enemy that’s stuck to nearby scaffolding, you’ll see them wiggling around. Even in the web cocoons, thugs are out-of-commission but still very much alive.

But what about when Peter Parker throws motorcycles at people? Or slams a man face-first onto the sidewalk from nine feet in the air? Surely that’s murder, right?

No. It isn’t. And I’m here to justify why not as well as I possibly can. Because Spider-Man is DEFINITELY NOT murdering anyone.

If you’re interested in seeing more of Spider-Man’s perfectly nonlethal combat, check out our other video about his fighting style. And make sure to subscribe to Polygon’s YouTube channel.