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An executive chef taught us how to run a kitchen in Overcooked 2

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But can he practice what he preaches?

Overcooked 2 is notorious for ruining friendships.

Shouting as someone chops the wrong ingredient can be taxing on any relationship (including the relationship I have with my roommates), but perhaps an executive chef might have the skills necessary to take the heat of the Overcooked 2 kitchen and walk out unscathed?

We went to Lalito in New York City’s Chinatown to learn from executive chef Sean Froedtert, who gave us good advice about running a kitchen effectively: Delegate tasks, make sure everyone knows their role in the kitchen and communicate in a calm manner.

We absorbed his words of wisdom, and then we proceeded to throw that advice out the window.

Watch as we flail around, choose to ignore fires and give a tremendous amount of praise to dishwashers. And if you’re interested in more Polygon videos, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel.