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Using the hero’s journey to understand Kingdom Hearts

How to use the word ‘norted’ in an academic context

Tomorrow, Kingdom Hearts 3 will be released.

Today, we must study.

Kingdom Hearts is a franchise with a story so convoluted that we have given it a mythical status. People whisper the name “Xehanort” in dark alleyways to keep from attracting fans who might seek to educate them on the subject. It’s time for us to bring Kingdom Hearts discourse into the light of academia.

There is no need to fear Kingdom Hearts. Because if there’s one thing I learned from my high school and college English literature courses, it’s that every story can be broken down into its component parts. Joseph Campbell’s archetypal “monomyth” has been taught to so many aspiring screenwriters and authors that nearly everyone has some knowledge of the hero’s journey. And yet no one has used the hero’s journey to talk about anime boys and Keyblades.

Until now.

In this Unraveled, I give you the tools to pick apart any difficult story you might be faced with in the future. And I give you the necessary background to hop into Kingdom Hearts 3 tomorrow, fresh-faced and ready to exclaim, “Aqua got norted!”

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