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2018 was a year of great relationships in games

From parents to friends to beloved pets, this year had it all

In a year of great games, it’s no surprise that there have been a lot of remarkable relationships. Both God of War and Florence gave us complicated parent-child relationships. They weren’t always easy or simple, but watching the characters communicate and come to understandings made the portrayals stand out. Donut County and A Way Out each featured a unique and interesting friendship. Neither Mira and BK nor Leon and Vincent always got along, but they stuck by each other and worked together to overcome their obstacles.

And who can forget our animal friends? Red Dead Redemption 2 featured a huge cast of characters, but the most trust-worth of them all was your horse. Pokémon: Let’s Go put the relationship with your starter pokémon front and center, and encouraged you to develop that bond throughout. It paid off mechanically, but more important, it showed what a good friends you and your pokémon could be.

Watch the video above to hear more about what made this year’s relationships so great.