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I made a new genre of music for Fallout

Of all the problems Fallout currently faces, I chose to fix this

Fallout is one of the most beloved franchises in gaming history, but it has one massive problem at the moment. And there’s only one problem. There are no other problems with Fallout right now. None.

The issue: Fallout’s music doesn’t make any sense.

You’re telling me that after the apocalypse and centuries of regrowth, everyone is cool with the same dozen songs from the early 1900s? That’s garbage.

Music is constantly adapting to changes in the world, and with a change as huge as a nuclear armageddon, we should expect the music to adapt quite a bit. Fallout is all about how culture and humanity rise to meet new challenges, so the choice to keep the music static over centuries is a plot hole.

A plot hole I fixed with an entirely new genre.

In this video, I talk through my process of creating the new genre, and if you stick around to the end, you just might hear a sample of that music.

(And — with a slight spoiler warning — if you want to hear more from the musician who helped me create the song, you can find their stuff here.)

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