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Figure out your Kojima name with my simple, 11-page worksheet

Unlike Kojima games, it’s not complex. Also you need a full set of RPG dice.

Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding is a game that beckons us to dive into its strange lore to pick out any scrap of information about the enigmatic Beached Things and the titular Death Stranding event. Someone should do an explainer on it.

But not me! I’m more interested in Kojima’s naming conventions.

After researching every character name in every game in which Hideo Kojima has held a main writing role, I was able to dissect the purposes of his names — and Kojima names always serve a purpose — to create a simple, 11-page worksheet.

If you’ve ever wondered what name you would have if you were in a Kojima game, you can use the worksheet below (and a full set of RPG dice or this Google application) to find your Kojima name. It shouldn’t take long. Unless you happen to roll a six in the first section.

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