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Every piece of Waluigi lore Nintendo needs to make a game

Waluigi, unraveled

Nintendo appears to hate Waluigi.

Mario, Luigi, and Wario all have their own games, but Waluigi does not. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate notoriously snubbed our large purple child by making him an assist trophy instead of a playable character.

But does this mean Nintendo actually hates him? No. If anything, Nintendo cares too much about him and is afraid to make a Waluigi game that is less than perfect.

That’s where I come in. I’ve created this video as a handy Waluigi reference. Within it is every single piece of Waluigi lore that you can glean from his appearances in Nintendo games. Nintendo’s developers can come back to my video in case they ever forget something about Waluigi’s characterization. Hopefully, this will lead to them creating the best video game possible for my favorite tall bastard.

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