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Which Game Boy peripheral will save you?

You’ve crash-landed in the wilds of Manitoba and can only carry five Game Boy peripherals

Gunpei Yokoi, the designer of the Game Boy, had a simple design philosophy: Don’t use the most cutting-edge technology. Instead, focus on using older, cheaper, more reliable technology in fun ways. The Game Boy didn’t have the latest hardware available at the time, but this led to a large aftermarket for interesting niche peripherals. Whether it was a simple light for the dark screen or a more elaborate machinery, the uses for the Game Boy were endless.

But with all of the options available for you, how do you know which ones you’ll need? As a former Girl Scout, I believe the answer to this and every question is “be prepared.” One day you may find yourself stranded in the beautiful wilderness of northern Manitoba, a possible location of Hatchet; you’ll be relieved that you’re packing these five Game Boy peripherals, which will help you survive — and indeed, thrive — in the unforgiving wilderness.

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