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Creating the perfect PokéRap with all 812 Pokémon names

A live show dedicated to a very special Tangela

Ever since I heard the original PokéRap, the song that played at the end of every episode of the original Pokémon TV series, I was obsessed.

But I wasn’t obsessed with the song itself. I was obsessed with the idea of the PokéRap. And I was obsessed with a new goal:

I would make the PokéRap better.

Unraveled Live: The Perfect PokéRap - Brian Gilbert in 1998 and 2018
Two decades of research have gone into this performance.

After two decades of toil, I finally revealed the fruits of my labor at PAX East. I explained the process — the shortcomings of the original PokéRap and how to fix those shortcomings — that allowed me to create the perfect PokéRap.

Though I ran into some difficulties near the end of the panel, the audience helped me fulfill my contract and perform the perfect PokéRap in its entirety.

Over the course of the show, I realized the truth about the original PokéRap, along with some of my own shortcomings. In doing so, I like to think I was able to honor my favorite Pokémon, Terry the Tangela, whom I foolishly traded to the villainous Kevin Punt back when I was a child.

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And if you want to listen to the studio version of the perfect PokéRap, that’s right here: