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Aisha Tyler on Archer’s 10th season, her career as a director, and teabagging in Rainbow Six Siege

She’s still got it, folks

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“Either I need something shorter, or I need my life to change,” Aisha Tyler says. She’s talking about staying up until three in the morning playing video games — which is how she used to close out her nights. But in recent years, Tyler’s life has become full of so many other opportunities that her favorite hobby has to take a backseat to her career.

“Anything that has a strong narrative, or a robust campaign — I want to live in that game. And you can’t sit down and play a game like that for 45 minutes.”

Aisha Tyler is the longtime voice of Lana Kane on Archer, and a frequent host of Ubisoft press conferences at E3. She’s been the host of Whose Line Is It Anyway? since 2013, and has a recurring role on Criminal Minds. She’s also directing movies: Her first film, Axis, came out in 2017, and her next work is an Irwin Winkler-produced action film tentatively titled Vigilante. She’s doing all of this at once.

“I haven’t had time to urinate or shower for years,” she says. “It’s all a big, kind of smelly blur.”

As a kid, Tyler remembers going to the theater and watching as many movies as she could, and playing games in between. She has appeared in three games but says that making movies is way more fun.

“It’s not that fun being in a game. It seems like fun for you, because you’re playing me. But I was just shrieking in a sound studio for 11 hours!” she says. “I had to do one hundred and eleven death rattles. I was so tired.”

Tyler’s situation is unique in that, you know, she’s a successful performer and director, and I am not. But there’s something depressingly relatable about struggling to find time for beloved hobbies in a busy work life. As someone who’s pulled a thousand directions by work and my extracurriculars, it’s nice to hear from someone who has the same problems, but still loves what she does.

Maybe you won’t run into her in Rainbow Six Siege multiplayer anytime soon, but Aisha Tyler is still having fun.

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