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Starbase trailer details space combat and weapons systems

Multi-part guns must be assembled, mounted, and programmed in-game

Starbase, the ambitious new collaborative MMO from Frozenbyte, has been slowly sharing teaser trailers since its announcement in May. Today’s deep dive features our first look at space combat and mounted weapon systems.

The spacefaring game is quite a departure for the team, best known for the Trine series of adventure puzzle games. Starbase includes tools for both creation and destruction, and simulates physics down to the scale of individual bolts. When the game launches into Steam’s Early Access program later this year, players will be encouraged to work together to reach further out into the stars.

Step one will be collecting resources, including materials and cash. Once they’ve gathered up their nest egg, players will be able to build their own ships from scratch, weapon systems included. The trailer shows various types, from swarm missile launches to laser cannons and everything in between.

What’s unusual, however, is how everything fits together. You don’t simply place an autocannon on the hull, for instance. You must first assemble it from three or four different parts, bolt them together, mount it to the hull, and finally wire it all for power. More advanced mounts will allow for player-controlled turrets, but those systems will need to be programmed using an in-game language called YOLOL. Damage systems are similarly detailed.

Frozenbyte says that non-traditional weapons will be also be viable options, including cargo beams. Built to keep containers in place during shipment, they can hold enemy ships in pace while players crack them in two.

Check out another recent trailer, this one detailing infantry weapons and first person combat, on YouTube.

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