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We created the future of sports

A perfect blend of esports and traditional sports

Sports have had a hard time of it this year.

Granted, everyone and everything on Earth has had a hard time of it this year. But as Polygon’s resident jock, the disappearance of sports was difficult for me. And though I expected esports to swoop in and steal the show, it turned out that most sports fans didn’t flock to them in the way I had hoped.

That gave me an idea.

If I could somehow create the perfect blend of both traditional sports and esports, I could not only create the sport of the future, but I could corner the market and make an embarrassing amount of money in the process.

So I reached out to Secret Base’s Kofie Yeboah, a creator whose passion for both video games and sports can be seen in his series Fumble Dimension. With Kofie and I working together, there’s no challenge we couldn’t tackle.

We created the future of sports, and we’re never going back to those boring old games ever again.

If you want to watch more Unraveled, check out our playlist and subscribe to Polygon’s YouTube channel! And make sure to check out Kofie’s work on the Secret Base YouTube channel as well!

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