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I finally unraveled Pokémon edibility

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I couldn’t avoid it any longer

Ever since we started Unraveled back in September of 2018, there was one topic I swore I would never cover: Pokémon edibility.

It wasn’t that I was afraid of the topic. I have cooked every recipe in Breath of the Wild. I have read every Halo novel. I have perfected the PokéRap. At this point, terrible research projects into video game lore do not phase me. But I always considered Pokémon edibility to be well-trodden ground. So many articles are devoted to the concept of eating Pokémon, and I didn’t think people needed one more theory video about the topic.

But today is my final day at Polygon, and this is my final Unraveled. I have received hundreds of requests for a video on Pokémon edibility, and I would never know rest unless I tackled this topic, regardless of the cost.

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