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When will Mario have enough coins to retire?

Unraveling Mario’s financial plans

Mario has been cleaning up messes in the Mushroom Kingdom and beyond since 1981. Though it’s not technically his job, freelance adventuring has been his main source of work and coins for nearly 40 years. Doesn’t he deserve a break?

And more importantly, hasn’t he earned enough coins from his strange mercenary work that he can retire?

I’m a big proponent of Mario getting a chance to kick up his heels on a beach somewhere (hopefully something a bit more chill than Isle Delfino), so I took a deep dive into his bank account to gain a little insight on when he’ll have saved up enough coins to finally hand Princess Peach his resignation letter. I spoke to a certified financial planner, I calculated how much a coin is worth in U.S. dollars, and I used a big chalk board to finally determine when Mario will be able to retire.

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