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Figuring out the truth of Kirby

It took almost a year, but I finally understand this pastel marshmallow

Kirby is one of Nintendo’s most beloved characters. He’s cute. He’s round. He’s always smiling.

And he terrifies me.

It might seem strange to be scared of a small pink orb, but I promise it’s justified. The thing that scares me the most about Kirby is that he is simultaneously an adorable creature and a being that possesses infinite power.

These two truths cannot coexist. A sweet and simple resident of Dream Land should not be able to punch through a planet. How can Kirby only care about eating and sleeping while also being able to destroy cosmic horrors like Necrodeus or Void Termina? This dichotomy has haunted me for years, and that’s why I started researching Kirby last June.

This video has been about nine months in the making. Kirby is my white whale. But today, I’m releasing my findings. I’ve finally figured out Kirby, and I’m no longer afraid.

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