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A review of all the video game monsters who have chased me

Yes, this guy is bothering me

Capcom remade Resident Evil 3 — the Resident Evil game where a big ol’ melting Michael Chiklis chases you the whole time. Most of the games I play are pretty straight forward power fantasies, so it makes a really big impression when the hunter becomes the hunted. Running from Resident Evil’s Nemesis is an incredibly anxiety-inducing experience. He’s bigger than you, faster than you, and he’s got more tentacles.

To commemorate the occasion of his rebirth, I took a harrowing scramble down memory lane to revisit a few of gaming’s most persistent monsters. But not all personifications of inevitable death are created equally, so I also decided to rate them.

Check out the video up top to enter a world of cheeky little boys with big scissors, screaming planetoids, and other unknowable horrors.

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