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I tried increasing my stamina with video game techniques

It went as well as you’d expect

The past few months have made me feel astoundingly lethargic. I’ve had trouble adjusting to the new lifestyle of leaving my apartment once every two weeks to do laundry, and it’s left me with the stamina level of a cartoon basset hound.

But as is the case with many Unraveleds, I figured I could find an answer to my problem within the vast wisdom of video games.

Games give you plenty of ways to increase stamina. Death Stranding makes you drink Monster Energy. Monster Hunter: World allows you to cook steaks that will slow your stamina depletion. Dark Souls lets you equip items that boost your stamina regeneration.

I hypothesized that if I used one of these stamina boosting techniques, I’d have more energy to take care of the things I need to do.

But if you, too, are feeling helpless and unproductive, please don’t try using energy drinks or tin foil masks to feel better. There are far better ways to lend a hand and make a difference.

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