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I spent a year reading every Halo novel

It only broke me a little bit

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On July 30, 2019, I began my quest to read every Halo novel.

I probably should have played a Halo game before hopping into the expanded universe, but in true Unraveled fashion, I dove headfirst into a project without fully understanding what the consequences might be.

The biggest consequence of this project is that I’m now really into the Halo universe. It turns out that spending a year immersed in the lore of a game series makes you start to like it. Whether or not that’s a lesser form of Stockholm syndrome is beside the point.

The other consequence is much harder for me to handle: I can no longer talk about Halo like a normal human being. If you ask me something simple, like “Who is the Master Chief?” I can’t answer it without giving you 100,000 years of backstory and a quick rundown of intergalactic politics.

These books have changed me, and though I’m not sure if I like what I’ve become, I’m slowly accepting my new Halo-obsessed form.

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