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Our Cyberpunk Red real play concludes its first story arc

No easy answers in Night City!

To get hype for the release of Cyberpunk 2077, the Polygon video team has been playing the Cyberpunk Red TTRPG, and the conclusion of the first story arc, “Ring Box,” is now live.

Burger Chainz, Vang0 Bang0, and Dapper Dasha are tasked with finding the perpetrator of a petty theft at a makeup warehouse — a simple job complicated by Vang0’s personal feelings towards the potential robbers. The makeup artists and streamers of M House are all suspects, and it’s up to our three sort-of heroes to find the real thief ... or at least someone believable enough to be the culprit.

With a plan in hand, the gang must convince warehouse guard Edgar that the security camera malfunction was a simple hack job and not a fundamental flaw in their technology. If that weren’t hard enough, Burger, Vang0, Dasha are called into the boss’s office; the rich and powerful higher-ups at HarpCo Security Company want to hear for themselves what the gang uncovered.

Will our heroes convince HarpCo they’re on the level, or will they bumble into the wrath of one of Night City’s largest security companies? Watch the newest episode to see the tense conclusion of “Ring Box,” or click the video below to start at the first, stand-alone-episode!