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Hades is a roguelike for everyone

Making haters into fans, one boon at a time

Hades is Polygon’s 2020 game of the year, with good reason: It’s fresh take on the roguelike genre has turned roguelike haters into roguelike lovers. In the video above, I tried to pin down exactly what it is about Hades that makes it so universally adored. It’s far from one little tweak: Supergiant Games crafted an experience that excelled in every conceivable way, appealing to as many people as possible without any compromises.

The gameplay is an impossible to put down, what-do-you-mean-it’s-already-4-in-the-morning kind of fun. The art is enchantingly beautiful, the music exquisite, and the narrative brimming with juicy drama. But what really makes Hades stand out is how all of these things work together with the games innovative take on death. Instead of the typical roguelike pain point, dying in Hades can actually move you forward. For more on what makes Hades such a stellar game (and roguelike) be sure to check out the video above.

You can also find more Hades content on our YouTube channel, if you’re hungry for more.

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