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We challenged ProZD to a card game

Battle Spirits Saga slaps, actually

Too seldom in life do I have the pleasure of chuckling darkly and announcing that I summon Dark King Snake Pendocles to the field of battle, causing consternation and distress in my opponent.

Fortunately, I got to do just that in a recent playthrough of Battle Spirits Saga, the upcoming trading card game from Bandai. The full game doesn’t release until April 28, but Bandai sent us a bevy of starter decks to try out for a special sponsored episode of Overboard.

We took those decks and challenged the legendary SungWon “ProZD” Cho to a Battle Spirits Saga tournament. The voice actor and comedian is no stranger to card games. Starting with the aggressive Red deck and progressing to the ultra-defensive White deck, ProZD faced down the dastardly Polygon video team. Was he victorious? Watch the episode above to find out!

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