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Why Hitman 3’s throwing feels so good

Agent 47 would be my favorite pitcher on the Padres

When you think of playing Hitman 3, or any of the games in developer IO Interactive’s World of Assassination series, you naturally think of the different ways you can eliminate a target. As noted in Polygon’s review of the game, you can take your industrious bald assassin anywhere you want and kill how you want. You can poison a target, cause an accident, or just straight-up stab them, of course, but what about throwing a brick at them?

When I thought about playing Hitman without the game’s throwing mechanic, it broke my heart — just like that brick of super cocaine that I smashed over someone’s head. If you could only shoot or stab your way out of a bad situation, the game would fundamentally change in so many ways. IO Interactive’s reasoning for adding a new mechanic to an already complex system might surprise you.

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