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Tune in to our Monopoly Enjoyment Stream

Thursday on Polygon’s Twitch channel

The dog piece from Monopoly on a plain cream background. IMAGE: Hasbro, via Polygon

The Polygon Video Team will begin enjoying Monopoly, live on Twitch, at 1 p.m. EDT on Thursday, Sept. 22.

Over the course of one to five hours, four employees of Polygon, a subsidiary of Vox Media, will enjoy Hasbro’s classic family board game, Monopoly. The employees will engage with Monopoly in a joyful manner, for your entertainment.

The employees in question are Clayton Ashley, Christina “XTina GG” Gayton, Simone de Rochefort, and Tara Long. Behind the scenes, Patrick Gill will ensure that Monopoly is enjoyed by viewers in the highest quality possible. The streamed video will be clear, and the audio will be crisp. This will result in maximum enjoyment for those who chose to view the livestream.

Additional changes will be made to ensure that the players experience Monopoly with the appropriate level of enjoyment. These methods will become clear as the stream progresses.

Monopoly is a beloved game that contains valuable lessons (and enjoyment) for us all. The game is best enjoyed with 3-4 players, with a minimum of two. Therefore, this stream exceeds the minimum for appropriate enjoyment of Monopoly.

This writer hopes that you will tune in to our Monopoly Enjoyment Stream, and engage with it in chat alongside your fellow Polygon viewers and readers. Engagement should be conducted in a warm and respectful manner.

Edit: You may watch an archive of the stream below. Please subscribe to Polygon on Twitch. Thank you.

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