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Virtual Reality

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The best Walmart gaming deals on Amazon Prime Day 2021

No Man’s Sky gets Nvidia DLSS support for smoother 4K performance

Resident Evil 4 is coming to VR

The 10 Star Wars games every fan needs to play

Sony reveals next-gen PlayStation VR controller for PS5

The Climb 2 review: Fear, serenity, and very long falls

Doom 3 is coming to VR, officially

Song in the Smoke is a new survival VR game with art from Katsuya Terada

Final Fantasy 7 Remake free on PlayStation Plus in March

Phasmophobia ghosts get better hearing, so please use your inside voices

Disney’s extinct 20,000 Leagues ride has been resurrected in VR

Hitman 3’s latest trailer shows off the trilogy in VR


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Why the bottles in Half-Life: Alyx look so dang good

VFX developer Matt Wilde spills the beer

Medal of Honor developer shows how the level design sausage is made

Half-Life: Alyx makes reloading a gun a devastating adventure

Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond requires more than 173 GB of storage

Respawn’s new Medal of Honor VR game is at odds with itself

Project Wingman makes air-to-air combat thrills as accessible as Call of Duty

Microsoft Flight Simulator VR to launch as free upgrade in late December

Star Wars: Squadrons dev heard fans loud and clear, so they’re adding the B-wing

Half-Life: Alyx updated with three hours of dev commentary

Classic competitive Tetris coming to Tetris Effect

Deleting your Facebook account forfeits Oculus VR games you already paid for

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The VR revolution has been 5 minutes away for 8 years

Star Wars: Squadrons gets voice commands with this premium PC mod

Microsoft Flight Simulator’s VR beta could get started in October

If Microsoft Flight Simulator has you craving air combat, try this flight sim next

Why Facebook thinks this is the only VR headset you need

Oculus Quest 2 review: smaller, cheaper, better

Start saying goodbye to Oculus Quest and Rift S

Oculus Quest 2 doubles the resolution, according to Facebook leak

A Game of Space takes the best parts of Elite: Dangerous into virtual reality