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First look at Ghostbusters full-body VR experience

Untethered, fully immersive fan experience only available in New York

The Void, in partnership with Sony Pictures, has created a unique full-body virtual reality experience based on the Ghostbusters franchise. Today they released the first video from inside the Void VR stage, and you can watch it above.

The fan experience goes live in July, and is being hosted at Madame Tussauds in New York. Called Ghostbusters: Dimensions, the culmination is a VR encounter based on the events of the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot. Titled Ghostbusters and featuring an all-female crew of jumpsuit-wearing do-gooders, the movie arrives in theaters on July 15.

Polygon recently traveled to Utah, home of Void VR studios for a personal tour of the technology. You can read more about that trip in our feature story, and learn how a practicing magician and one of the founding fathers of Dungeons & Dragons are working together to build the next generation VR experience.

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