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$250 will get you 20 of the Vive's best games

Valve's VR sales includes many great titles

Valve has put many of the HTC Vive's best games for sale this weekend, but the $251.42 bundle that includes 20 great games may be the best deal being offered.

The package includes titles like Space Pirate Trainer, Vanishing RealmsThe Brookhaven Experiment and many more, and you'll save $44.38 by buying them all together in this bundle. It's not cheap by any definition of the word, but if you want to get your VR collection started with some amazing games, this is a pretty effective way to begin. You can watch some of the games from the bundle in action below.

Space Pirate Trainer is one of the best workouts in VR:

Vanishing Realms is the VR take on the Legend of Zelda formula you didn't know you wanted:

Blarp is weird, but a whole lot of fun:

And that's just three of the 20 games.

The cost of any games you already own will be deducted from the cost of the bundle as well, and many more VR games will be on sale through Monday. Let us know what you pick up! You can see the full list of games on sale via Steam.

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