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Carnival Games returns for VR

2K Games announces party pack of 12 challenges

Carnival Games, a party compendium of mini-challenges previously released for Wii, Nintendo DS, Kinect and iOS, is being updated for virtual reality.

Publisher 2K and developer Cat Daddy announced today that Carnival Games VR will be released on Oct. 28 for HTC Vive and PlayStationVR with an Oculus Rift version following later.

Priced at $19.99, Carnival Games VR will feature 12 funfair mini-games including Alley Ball, Ring Toss, a baseball throwing challenge, darts, basketball, a haunted house and a climbing wall. Players will be able to wander around a virtual carnival, trying out challenges and seeking virtual prizes.

The original Carnival Games was released during the height of Wii fever in 2008, followed by other platform versions. A sequel, New Carnival Games, arrived in 2010.

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