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Chernobyl VR documentary revisits nuclear disaster

360 degree project takes users to heart of catastrophe

The HTC Vive version of Chernobyl VR Project is released today, along with a short "making of" documentary about the game's aims.

Chernobyl VR Project was originally released on Oculus Rift in July. This year is the 30th anniversary of the nuclear disaster that contaminated 100,000 square kilometers of land in Eastern Europe and caused 31 direct deaths as well as countless subsequent deaths and health problems.

Last month, Polygon took an in-depth look at the project, including interviews with the Polish developers The Farm 51, who were directly affected by the catastrophe.

"It is a place where most of us won't ever dare to go," said project director Wojciech Pazdur in the documentary. "It's a place that is on the one hand close but on the other we treat it as a truly forbidden zone, as a place of total isolation."

Chernobyl VR Project is available now on HTC Vive and Oculus Rift for $14.99. A share of proceeds from sales will be donated to Chernobyl-related charities.