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Oculus Rift gets permanent price drop

$399 is the new standard price

Jeff Ramos/Polygon

Oculus’ Hugo Barra announced that the Oculus Rift Touch bundle will now be priced at $399 moving forward. This is the same price as the previous limited time sale, but now acts as the standard price.

“Here are the important bits: Oculus Touch is a great method of control for VR, the game library is already somewhat overwhelming in terms of great games, and Facebook is clearly comfortable investing in its own platform to fund the creation of great VR content,” we wrote in our review of the Touch controllers. “It’s also a piece of hardware that will play seemingly all of its competitor’s games, and support for Vive titles played on the Rift with a Touch controller will likely only get better with time.”

Oculus also announced a standalone VR headset called the Oculus Go, which will be priced at $199 and is coming in 2018. Facebook is aiming at the mainstream with these products and new low prices, and this is a strong move toward getting there.

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