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How does Farpoint’s PS VR co-op campaign stand up?

Shooter allows two to battle with aliens


When we played Farpoint on PlayStation VR last year, we liked what we saw. It's a first-person shooter that makes allowances for virtual reality, by coming with Sony’s gun-shaped PS VR Aim Controller. Farpoint is the first game to use the controller, which was unveiled at E3 last year.

Publisher Sony announced a co-op mode at GDC, and staged a press demo at a media event yesterday, allowing two players to stand (virtually) side-by-side as we worked our way through waves of alien attackers.

Farpoint will be available separately, or in this $80 bundle with the PlayStation VR Aim Controller

Developed by VR house Impulse Gear, Farpoint takes place in hostile alien environments, populated by airborne enemies, as well as alien foot soldiers and giant spiders.

The Aim Controller presents as an assault gun, that can be swapped out into new weapons, including space-age shotguns and sniper rifles. I played on a planet that had a Star Trek-ish look about it featuring lots of boulders punctuated by open combat spaces. There were also ledges from which attackers fired down upon us.

Using the rocks as cover, my partner and I tried to cope with increasingly menacing waves of enemies. The controller's thumbstick offered easy movement, while a virtual gun sight helped me take out bad guys, as well as the projectiles they were lobbing our way.


When things got hairy, I took one too many hits and went down. Fortunately, my partner was able to revive me and we continued in the splatterfest. However, when I died in an area dominated by enemies, my partner’s attempts to resuscitate me ended in disaster for us both.

Movement in this level was often lateral, rather than rapidly progressive, meaning that we fought from a fairly static platform, with strategy mostly based on cover and the occasional brief sortie into more dangerous forward positions, falling back, at least until enemy attacks began to thin out.

Still, I definitely got the co-operative feel of the level, balancing my own movements between the desire to sally forth and raise hell, with the need to remain reasonably close to my partner.

Farpoint is out on May 17, offering around six hours for its single-player campaign, with a handful of extra bespoke online co-op levels. The game will be available separately for $50, or bundled with the Aim Controller for $80.

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