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Gunheart brings Gears of War-style shooting to VR

Multiplayer cover game uses rapid teleportation

In these early days of VR gaming, the first-person shooter’s journey to virtual reality has been a genuinely intriguing design challenge.

VR offers difficulties in coping with fast movement and quick reactions, especially in surround environments. The genre is not a natural transplant from PC screens, at least not yet.

The biggest successes to date included Superhot, Robo Recall and Arizona Sunshine, a zombie-killer which did a good job of jumping the player around the world.

Last week I played Gunheart from Drifter Entertainment. The first thing you ought to know about this game is that it's being made by people who know a thing or two about shooters. Ray Davis worked on Gears of War and Robo Recall. Kenneth Scott helped on Doom 3 and the Halo franchise. The third member of the team is Brian Murphy, who created HoloTour for HoloLens.

Gunheart is a co-op game in which three players take on waves of nasty insect creatures. Movement is key, with quick teleportation and lots of cover positions. When I played, I enjoyed teleporting to higher positions above the enemy, while my teammates took flanking movements.

There were occasions when I became isolated from my teammates. They were forced to fight their way through in order to resuscitate me. From that point, I resolved to take more advantage of cover.

Various weapons are available, including a guided missile and a static machine gun that yields lots of damage. This is especially useful when the team works together to unseat especially stiff resistance.

You can take a look at some images (below), but the trailer (above) offers a better sense of how the game plays. Gunheart is out this summer for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive with a PSVR version expected later in the year.

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