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Rappers saving dogs in virtual reality is your tummy rub for the day

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Postcards from the edge

As spied today by Kotaku, there are rappers out there trying to save dogs from precarious perches high atop a skyscraper in virtual reality. You can say what you like about VR’s mainstream appeal if it’s in a rail shooter or futuristic sport. But strap on the goggles with just a hint you might fall, and then it gets real AF.

The best part of this video, by YouTube’s 88Rising, is how even a video game dog in jeopardy overcomes the natural fear of heights. Even though it’s a joke, even though they’re all in a green room, even though there’s no danger of falling, these guys are mission-focused.

I’ve twice rescued my cat (the same cat, btw) from a 40-foot perch up a tree, so this is almost a trigger warning for me (really) and anyone with a fear of heights. And yeah, there’s some bad language in it. But this video doesn’t show VR fooling human equilibrium as much as it shows a human instinct to give mercy to the small. That makes me feel good about myself. And you. And us. Together! And God dammit all, that‘s what we need going into a New Year, right?

Saint Jhn is reaching with everything inside him to save Lil’ DMX. And he does. Who’s a good boy?! Yes you are! Yes, you are.