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Virtual Reality

Oculus Quest 2 doubles the resolution, according to Facebook leak

A Game of Space takes the best parts of Elite: Dangerous into virtual reality

Respawn’s Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond coming to Oculus VR this holiday

New Star Wars: Squadrons trailer details the single-player campaign

LucasArts classic Sam and Max is coming back with a new VR game

Facebook is making it harder to recommend Oculus Quest

Hitman 3 will let you kill in VR

Microsoft Flight Simulator will support VR this fall

Microsoft Flight Simulator pulls off an amazing trick, mostly

Star Wars: Squadrons: what it’s like to fly every ship

Hands-on with Star Wars: Squadrons’ Fleet Battles

With Star Wars: Squadrons on the way, it’s time to build the cockpit of your dreams

Facebook buys Ready at Dawn, studio behind Lone Echo and The Order: 1886

Star Wars: Squadrons — everything you need to know

Half-Life: Alyx now has the best-looking booze in video games

Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History has been adapted into a moving VR experience

An extended Marvel’s Iron Man VR demo is out today

One of VR’s best games finally comes to Oculus Quest

Iron Man VR now set for a July release date on PlayStation 4

Star Wars Vader Immortal coming to PSVR this summer

The best VR device is hard to find, at the worst time

Half-Life: Alyx’s wild ending, as explained by Valve’s writers

How the hell do you fit a full-featured zombie game onto Oculus Quest?

Sony delays The Last of Us Part 2 and Iron Man VR ‘until further notice’

Half-Life: Alyx may not be fun if you’re scared of needles

The Room VR: A Dark Matter fulfills the promise of VR puzzle games

Half-Life: Alyx includes a playable piano for relaxation

Valve believes Half-Life: Alyx will be modded to play without VR

Don’t expect another 13 years between Half-Life games, Valve says

Half-Life: Alyx is the best that VR, and Valve, have to offer

Remembering the time I slapped my own forehead in VR

Sega’s Panzer Dragoon series returns as a VR game