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Virtual Reality

Don’t expect another 13 years between Half-Life games, Valve says

Half-Life: Alyx is the best that VR, and Valve, have to offer

Remembering the time I slapped my own forehead in VR

Sega’s Panzer Dragoon series returns as a VR game

A buyer’s guide to virtual reality headsets and controllers for Half-Life: Alyx

Watch 10 minutes of new Half-Life: Alyx gameplay

Hatsune Miku is coming to the new Space Channel 5

PlayStation, Oculus, and Facebook Gaming pull out of GDC over coronavirus concerns

Grand Theft Auto 5 mod lets you take bong rips in VR before flying a jet

Space Channel 5 returns this month

PlayStation Plus offers BioShock Collection, The Sims 4 in February

Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners excels at violence, struggles with VR design

The 7 big things we just learned about Half-Life: Alyx

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How I use video games to lose weight and feel fit

There are more options than ever to gamify your workout

Valve says it’s not working on Left 4 Dead 3

Iron Man VR delayed to May

In Kerbal Space Program creator’s new game you can crash airplanes without going broke

Oculus Quest gets hand tracking this week

Minecraft on PS4 is finally getting cross-platform play

Firewatch team’s next game ‘on hold’ as it works on other Valve projects

Paper Beast is a charming, magical VR journey

Black Friday 2019’s VR headset deals for Oculus, Vive, and PlayStation VR

Facebook acquires Beat Saber developer

Oculus Link makes the Quest the best value currently in VR

Why is the next Half-Life game VR only?

Clues point to Half-Life: Alyx being more than than just a prequel

You may need to upgrade your system to play the new Half-Life game

Half-Life: Alyx is Valve’s VR-exclusive, full-length prequel to Half-Life 2

Valve’s Half-Life series continues with Half-Life: Alyx for VR

Golem review: a VR game too painful to finish

Your Quest can now play Oculus Rift games, with the right cable and gaming PC

Pistol Whip review: Learn the art of the gun while toning your butt