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It’s Wario Month here at Polygon, and we’re here to celebrate one of Nintendo’s roundest, weirdest, and most traditionally handsome characters: Wario.

Wario is having a big month in September, with his first Wario game for Nintendo SwitchWarioWare: Get It Together! — out on Sept. 10. And while we want to showcase Mario’s more bodacious counterpart’s video game-making skills, we’ll be talking about a lot more than just the WarioWare series.

Every Tuesday and Thursday throughout this month, we’ll be posting new Wario content. Maybe it’ll be a piece about Wario’s wonderful shoes? Or a detailed history of how he came into being? Who knows? Well, we do, but you’ll have to wait to find out.

If you’re unfamiliar with the majesty that is Wario, we’re kicking off this celebration with a handy FAQ about him that answers all kinds of burning questions, like: Are Wario and Mario related? What’s the deal with Wario and Waluigi? And, of course, the oft-asked: Is Wario a libertarian?

Join us as we celebrate video gaming’s most garlic-obsessed protagonist.